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Programs Earthpulse V5.2 ENG

10 programma's van de nieuwe Earthpulse V5

10 patented program modes allowing up to 13 hours continuous application,
plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use.

SLEEP-MODE 1: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between low-DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT-MODE i.e. low-BETA rhythm) holding 14.1 Hz for one additional hour buffer to ensure you wake up and don’t sleep through program completion

SLEEP-MODE 2: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT i.e. low-BETA) plus one hour 14.1 Hz buffer

SLEEP-MODE 3: starts at high DELTA, cycles between High and Low-DELTA all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) plus one hour 14.1 Hz buffer

SLEEP-MODE 4: starts and stays at 1 Hz (DELTA), w/ one hour 14.1 Hz buffer as it’s wake up phase. We affectionately call this program “the Dead-Zone” (the program you begin with if SLEEP-MODE 3 isn’t providing relief)

SLEEP-EASY: our new hybrid DELTA program that starts at 9.6 Hz and quickly tumbles to 3 Hz running like SLEEP-3 for remainder or night, plus one hour 14.1 Hz buffer

RECOVER-MODE: Alpha-rhythm centered and spending 1/2 its run time at 9.6 Hz stepping up to 10.1 Hz and down to 9.1 Hz the other 1/2 of the time; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) prior to shut down plus the one hour 14.1 Hz buffer. Is an Excellent ‘power-nap’ and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging

MANUAL-MODE: particularly useful to set at one particular frequency when meditating, for Schumann 7.8 Hz, or as this author does every night – setting 9.6 Hz for entire night, plus 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer as it’s wake up phase. See Why 9.6 Hz? for local application

ALERT-MODE: (LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness; used at end of RECOVER and SLEEP modes to assist in wake-up; may be used at desk to reduce neck and shoulder fatigue without causing drowsiness

ENTRAIN-UP: use for 1 hour to expose system to entire frequency range (Alpha to low-Delta, then back up to low-Beta)

ENTRAIN-DOWN: (Alpha to low-Delta) use for 1 hour only as a replacement for all night use; puts you to sleep then shuts down and lets you sleep on your own

NEW in V5 EarthPulse Sets : Addition of 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz on all SLEEP-MODES, RECOVER-MODE
and MANUAL-FREQUENCY MODE to help you wake up more effectively without sleeping through the auto shut-down.

Video presentation of the new EarthPulse V.5 Pro

Extra guidelines for setting up EarthPulse V5.2

Personal Preferences on an Earth Pulse V

With an Earth Pulse V, it is possible to set the intensity or strength as desired level.
This new version meets better the sensitivity of the sleeper.
More is not always better ! As a default a program starts at 70%.
You can then using the up and down buttons, giving more or less power.
And that in steps of 10% !

The frequency in the manuel program can be adjusted by 0.1 Hz between 1 and 14.1 ! 10 programma's van de nieuwe Earthpulse V5

V.5 and V.5Pro Systems include :

Power-Supply: 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply.
Improved 6 foot long cables on power supply and magnet(s).
V5Pro has two electromagnets at full amplitude.
Improved electronic components and membrane pad control mechanism.
Pin adapter for local use or international travel.
Soft-side zippered travel case.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health™

You will be delighted and amazed at how well body utilizes the frequency-specific, very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) emitted by our sleep-machine when used on a regular, nightly basis. There isn’t a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology on Earth that can outperform our sleep-machines.

We ship all over Europe

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